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The Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration

Santa Barbara 2016


This is what we had @ The Hoy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin! Make sure you don't miss this show next year - We have never seen so many amazing guitars at one event! Thanks so much to the "European Guitar Builders" Association for setting up this show! ...and of course thanks to Gitarre & Bass for sharing this video!

  2015/05/02 Added 2 videos from the Musikmesse 2015 in the MEDIA section
Musikmesse 2015

Here are the pics of our booth at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015!

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  2014/03/31 - added 2 videos from the Musikmesse 2014 in the MEDIA section.

2015/04/19 - moved a lot of updates to the news site.

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