Q: Where can I test-drive a Nik Huber Guitar?
A: Check our worldwide dealer list first. If this doesn't help, feel free to call us directly at +49 - (0) 61 06 - 77 21 66. We can locate most of our instruments that are currently for sale. Another good shot is to visit us at the Los Angeles Namm-Show or the Frankfurt Musik-Messe.

Q: Is it possible to tour your workshop?
A: Yes, visitors are welcome. Just give us a call in advance to make sure that Nik is available to answer your questions.

Q: Do you make left-handed models?
A: Yes, you can get any Nik Huber Guitar in a left-handed model – at no extra charge.

Q: What kind of nut do you use?
A: On the Dolphin we use a "TremNut" by GraphTech, on the Orca we use traditionel bone.

Q: Do you have a chart of the colors you offer for your guitars?
A : Not yet, but we are working on it. We will publish a color chart right here on our website soon. Note that this will not be a 100% accurate. Every wood has its own character and it’s very hard to simulate different textures and surfaces. Plus we will come up with an easy to use monitor-calibration chart, too. This will help to reduce the differences between various monitors and operating-systems (It is generally a good idea to calibrate your monitor. We recommend Adobe Gamma or Apples Colorsync to make sure your screen is adjusted right).

Q: Which kind of tremolo is carried on Nik Huber guitars?
A: Since a very good tremolo unit we used before was not reliable delivered any more, we had to look for something similar in tone and quality. The result was, we had to do our own thing. Some facts:
• the baseplate and saddles machined from solid brass
• avalible either with a brass or aluminum block, also machined from solid material
• 5 hole mount with noched screws.
• string spacing is 10.5mm (2-1/16")
Please check this page again for close up pictures soon.

Q: Is a piezo option avalible?
A: Yes. Our tremolo will be soon avalible with L.R. Baggs piezo saddle inserts but there won`t be a piezo stoptail in the near future. We would here need to switch to a piezo Tune-O-Matic bridge / tailpiece configuration.

Q: Do you use polyester for the finish?
A: No, we don’t! We spray polyurethane base coats and acrylic urethane clear coats. Nitrocellulose laquer possible but optional.

Q: Do you offer custom inlays?
A: Yes, we do. Please contact Niclas Ulitzka at Nik Huber guitars for assistance.

Q: Is a H/S/S or S/S/S pickup configuration possible?
A: Yes.