Here is an overview of the pickups that we offer in our guitars. Usually they are equipped with HÄUSSEL pickups. Of course we offer other brands as well (Amber, Kloppmann, Lollar etc.). Please contact us at sales@nikhuber-guitars.com for further details!

häussel humbucker

HÄUSSEL Humbuckers

Warm, transparent, clear and never muddy. The A2 magnets provide an all-encompassing, full sound. The Alnico3 version is somewhat softer and milder than the standard Alnico2's sound. Best-seller!

This is the bridge version of the VIN N A2, with thicker winding especially for this position. The Alnico2 magnets provide a milder and softer sound.

Hotter PAF winding. In combination with Alnico5s, you get a strong, full sound with beautiful overtones. This is the pickup for you if you want a PAF sound with bags of raw power. A very versatile and flexible set when used in combination with the VIN N A2.
The ceramic magnet version gives you a tighter sound, with slightly more highs. Best-seller!

The Alnico5 version of the VIN B has a tighter and meatier sound than the Alnico2 version. It also has a little more output. A solid all-round pickup!

The VIN+ neck PU has a ceramic magnet – more winding gives you more output – but this sound will always remain clear and well-defined, in spite of the extra power.

Tozz B
A very powerful rock pickup, with powerfully-defined basses and gripping highs.
The VIN+ N neck PU matches the Tozz B beautifully.

Tozz B XL
This is more powerful than the standard Tozz, with extremely even sound reproduction throughout all the frequencies. Ideal for lower tunings. Best-seller!

Hot B
Similar output to the VIN+ B A5, but with more mid-range attack - no 'nasal' mids, but a sweetly-portioned dosage of mid-ranges for all the players who love this type of sound. Alnico5s.

This is a powerful and bluesy neck pickup, with a beautifully balanced output and mids – and its overall sound is truly transparent and sparklingly effervescent.

Classic N
Asymmetrically-wound coils in combination with Alnico 3 and special winding wire give you the creamiest of tones. The sound is creamily rich - but still crystal-clear and transparent.

Classic B
Also asymmetrical coils, but more wire used than in the neck pickup - this results in beautiful, warm and 'woody' PAF sounds (even for a bridge pickup). This PU is eminently suitable for semi-acoustics.

Perl N
The neck version of the Perl, with a transparent rock sound - overall this PU sounds dirtier than the other neck pickups. Alnico2s.

Perl B
The Perl B has Alnico2 magnets - the sound is more pronounced in the high mid-range, making it perfect for warm-sounding guitars. Very assertive, with a breath of vintage character.

The "Häussel-1959" model gives you that legendary old PAF sound, still sought-after by professionals over the world. Manufactured with original wire, original-sized magnets and optimally-matched winding, this pickup will captivate you with its silky, 'woody-warm' sound. On chord work, the sound of each string is clearly defined, while the overall sound is breezy and slightly nasal, but never muddy. The extremely agreeable, sweet highs make each tone a desirable delicacy for sound gourmets, while solos become a symphony of soaring sonic satisfaction. The1959 model 'smacks' beautifully each time you strike the strings, gliding effortlessly into harmonic overtones and feedback. This is a pickup with a powerful 'hook' -and perfect if you want to get that truly authentic PAF sound.

Häussel P90


Full, singing, frequency-filling tones are typical for the P90 sound, with a harmonic overdrive and warm transparency. This is a true blues-rock pickup - the tone remains transparent and pure and never gets muddy. Häussel P90s are available in different versions:

P90 HB Hot
Increased output for more drive and power, with ceramic magnets and in humbucker format.

P90 HB Vintage
P90 in humbucker format with typical P90 flat coil and Alnico2 magnets - available in many different designs.

P90 Hot
Increased output for more drive and power, with ceramic magnets.

P90 Vintage
Pickups with Alnico3 magnets for optimal transparency, neck pickup is slightly underwound. Black, creme, or wood covers available.