See Nik Huber guitars in action soon. We are currently producing some new clips to show our guitar's sonic possibilities!

Several videos here are courtesy of PREMIER GUITAR Magazine

Session Music: Musikmesse 2015: Nik Huber Guitars
Musikmesse '15 - Nik Huber Guitars Bernd Kurtzke Signature & Copper Code Redwood Demos
Musikmesse 2014 Die BADESALZ √Ąppelwoi Bembel Gitarre
Nik Huber interview at the 2014 Musikmesse
Summer NAMM '12 - Nik Huber Guitars Rietbergen Mahogany
Namm 2012 - Rietbergen
 Nik Huber Guitars at The NAMM Show 2012
Premier Guitar: Shop Tour (22:08 min)
pg video 1
Premier Guitar: Rietbergen Semi Hollow Prototype Demo at Summer NAMM 2011 (5:40 min)
pg video 2
Premier Guitar: Nik Huber 10th Anniversary Models at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008 (7:53 min)
pg video 3
More to come!